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Posted by Yes!Yes! Good Dog on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Robyn Monaghan is a CERTIFIED DOG TRAINER and mentor trainer for Animal Behavior College. In her years as a mentor trainer, she has coached dozens of up-and-coming trainers in all-positive dog training techniques. Our methods are based on the latest body of knowledge from Animal Behavior science, not outdated ideas about dominance and punishment.

I can guide you through managing pet peeves (literally) like jumping up on your in-laws, peeing on the carpet just after coming in from a potty break and nipping at your kids as they toddle through the kitchen. Of course, I’m here to instruct on the basics like sit, down, stay, wait and come. If you have a loftier calling to cultivate a Canine Good Citizen or Therapy Dog, I can prepare the two of you for that too

My special area of expertise is teaching leash manners. I can also coach dog and handler teams in working through problems with reactivity- barking and lunging at people and other dogs while walking on a leash.


Explore the website for specifics and rates on training programs, doggie daycare, and boarding at Bow Wow B&B. You can check out my Facebook Page (please link) at Yes! Yes! Good Dog! for pics of guests staying with me today. Just give me a call or shoot me a text if you’d like to come and visit me on my Civil War era farmstead.

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Yay saying, not nay-saying

Can you imagine never saying “no” to your dog? We can. And we don’t. If we had our way, no pup would ever hear “No! No! Bad dog!” again. That’s the concept behind our company name.

At Yes! Yes! Good Dog! We know that all pup problems can be solved using only positive reinforcement. It’s all about helping a dog make rewarding choices by saying yes at exactly the right moment. We rely on shaping – catching the dog doing what we want her to do – lying quietly, coming when we call, walking beside us without pulling on the leash. Then we say “yes” by rewarding that behavior with the things the dog loves most, whatever that may be – treats, pets, car rides, playing fetch.

Being a good dog can be a good time. We work to build a trust connection by setting an example as a fair and reliable pack leader, not a bully. We build willing cooperation for a gratifying working relationship with each pooch. We want dogs to be happy behaving themselves. We help you set pups up to be good at being good. Dogs are like people in some ways. They want a job to do and they want to be successful at it.

Sound like bones on the brain beliefs? Prepare to be amazed at how fast saying “yes” works and you’ll be nodding your head, too.